Automatically Save Your Everyday Tweets in Evernote

[Important]Connecting Evernote is required to keep delivering your tweets.

Evernote cannot create new note by e-mail, which is the way Twieve has been using, anymore.
You need to connect Evernote with Twieve to receive tweets in Evernote. Just login into Twieve and click"Connect Evernote". That's it. Your tweets will deliver as you have so far. The old plan(using e-mail) will be available till August 31.

About Twieve

Twieve sends your everyday tweets, mentions, direct messages, favorites and retweets on Twitter to Evernote. You can select the type of the sent tweets on Setting page.
You can temporarily stop sending them or turn off images, maps, and profile pictures if you are worry about the Evernote usage. In addition to this, shorten URL expands and saves in Evernote so that you can easily search the past tweets based on this URL.
It is also available for private Twitter accounts, so your own Lifelog can be assembled from your tweets.
Not only Evernote, but also email is available now!

Twieve Premium Service($3.26〜/mo)

Possible to send mentions

You can send other user’s mention to Evernote.

Possible to send followers and unfollowers status

You can Send the record of the beginning and end of the follows and followers.

No sending limit

You can save ALL of your Twitter log.

Possible to send entire webpages from favorite tweets

If you have link in your favorite tweets, the link will be sent with entire webpages.