Premium Service

As for a premium service, features requested by many users such as sending mentions(replies) have been added to the basic services of Twieve.
You will have less problems because the delivery is provided through the server exclusively for the premium service. Its profit is allotted for the cost of operating Twieve's server.


New registrations are currently suspended.
The payment by Paypal will continue automatically.
If you want to stop paying by PayPal, cancel in "Recurring Payments details" page.

1. You can send other user’s mention to Evernote.

"@your username" tweet can be sent to Evernote as well.
Two ways to display on Evernote.

Same Section for Your Tweets and Mentions.
Separate Section for Mentions.

2. You can Send the record of the beginning and end of the follows and followers.

  1. Users you start following
  2. Users you stop following
  3. Users who start following you
  4. Users who stop following you
You can manage above 4 items everyday.
You will never confuse like "When did I start following XX?" or "XX is not following me anymore. When did he/she stop following me?" if you save and search these records in Evernote.


3. No limit for Sending tweets

You can save ALL of your Twitter log. There will be no limit for numbers of log for each category, such as 200 tweets, or 60 favorites.

4. If you have link in your favorite tweets, the link will be sent with entire webpages.

If you have a favorite tweet with URL, you can send entire webpages to Evernote. All you have to do is save in your favorite. (1URL / 1 note)
By using Evernote search engine, you will be able to find the data you are looking for much easier.

You can change this setting on the Setting Page.